On the fence with the decision of whether to do carpet or hardwood? Here are 4 factors to consider….

1. COST- When you bypass retail mark-up & overhead with Treat For Your Feet, you’ll get the $8 & $9 /sq.ft. LUXURY carpet for $4 – $5 /sq.ft. (installed w/ pad, of course). $4 is the price of the JUNK at the retail stores. That will save you hundreds, but even at our prices, hardwood and tile are about 1/2 again to twice the price of carpet.

2. COMFORT- In a kitchen, bath, laundry, entry, and halls it’s a no-brainer to want mop-ability, but in a family room or bedroom, you’ve traded away all the comfort.

3. WARMTH- If you’re in the family room watching a 2 hour movie, your feet may easily get cold, keeping you from enjoying your recreation time.

4. ECHO- Many people find that removing the carpet from the room where the TV is, leaves them with an annoying echo problem that wasn’t an issue before. Even people’s voices tend to be much louder.

After coming to this realization too late (money already spent), people tend to go out and spend MORE money on buying area rugs to lessen these effects. They end up covering their beautiful new hardwood floors with carpet. This after spending twice the money to get back to what MAY have been their preference in the begining, had they simply been given the correct information, instead of a sales pitch and gimmicks, like the end of the sale, looming just hours or days away.

But if you are the person that, after having the facts, WANTS a hardwood floor with area rug look, then rest assured that bypassing retail will save you HUNDREDS along the way. And you’ll get much higher quality product, PROPERLY installed by professionals with 25 years of excellent reputation. See what our customers have to say on the testimonial page of TREAT FOR YOUR FEET. com. Then call 614-833-2664 for a free estimate with NO Salesman, NO Pressure, GUARANTEED !!!