Your carpet plays a vital role in maintaining the fresh look and feel of your home, providing the warmth and comfort that makes it your castle.
The low-quality carpet used by builders and sold in retail stores is known a “Builder Grade”. Using cheap material and cheap installers allows builders and big box stores to maximize their profits, but leaves you, the paying customer, to fend for yourself in the end. When its time for replacement, bypass all that mess, and GET what you’re paying for with Treat For Your Feet.

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A room should express the personal style and tastes of the homeowner, and nothing transforms the impression of a room as quickly as changing out old carpet. If you are getting new carpeting for your home, you might be tempted to save a few bucks by replacing it yourself or buying it from a store and then having another company come in to install it. Seems like a good idea, right? But what happens if something goes wrong and the installation job doesn’t go as planned?

This sums up why it’s so important to hire a professional carpet replacement company when you have new carpeting put into your home. If you go to a company that not only sells the carpetingĀ but also has professionals on hand to install it for you, all the better! Hiring a professional replacement team also gives you peace of mind. Sometimes when carpet is installed, unexpected problems can occur. A professional will know how to handle those issues in a quick and efficient manner so not much time is lost during the installation project. Plus, if you are halfway through installing your carpet and have already laid some portions and cut others and encounter a problem you can’t fix, you might have voided your warranty without even realizing it. If you accidentally do a poor job installing the carpeting, there is no way to cover the cost. Regardless of the reason, replacing the carpet can instantly alter the appearance of a room or house for the better!

Here are a few reasons why our customers replace their carpet.

1. Age Related Wear and Tear – One of the most common reasons for replacing carpet is its age. An active family with pets and children can wear out a carpet in under five years. Unsightly loss of pile and stretching can occur.

2. Aesthetics – A new look is desired, and nothing can improve the appearance faster than replacing the carpet. Whether it is a change of color or a change of style, replacing the carpet can be the focus of a redecorating project.

3. Pet Odors and Stains – Even with frequent cleaning, pet odors and stains will change the appearance, add allergens, and decrease the life of the carpet. Replace both the carpet and padding for a fresh new start.

4. Selling a Home – Studies have shown that buyers tend to look down when first entering a home. Old carpet gives a negative first impression. A carpet change can make a big difference in the saleability of a home. Competition is tough in today’s market and sellers should invest in new carpet to increase the probability of that sale.

5. Buying a Home – Before moving furniture and possessions into a new home, replace the carpet and padding. Personalize the home; make it reflect the creativity and style of the new owners!